Assassin's Creed II Best One

The best things about this game and with all/most Assassins Creed games are the places the player visits and the characters the player meets. While the controls are a bit clunky, especially with the default PC controls, the times where they work perfectly make the scaling of buildings and landmarks an absolute joy. The game's story is also great to listen to and learn about with it making you invested in Desmond and in Ezio's journey.

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Assassin's Creed II

Release Date:
  • 17 November 2009
  • Ubisoft Montreal,
  • Ubisoft Entertainment,
Age Ratings:
  • PEGI:18+ ESRB:RP

Discover an intriguing and epic story of power, revenge and conspiracy set during a pivotal moment in history: the Italian Renaissance. Experience the freedom and immersion of an all new open world and mission structure with settings such as the rooftops and canals of beautiful Venice. Your options in combat, assassination and escape are vast, with many new weapons, settings and gameplay elements.