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Cutie Jumper

Save your cutie and jump down the tower in this hyper casual game. The further you jump down the higher your score, but it's not as easy as it sounds. Some rocks slide your character off, the ice breaks and some rocks are to hot to land on making this a challenging game.

Save the Astronaut

Save the astronaut from falling obstacles by hitting them away. There are various types of objects falling from asteroids to falling rock debris.

Object of the game is to save the astronaut for as long as possible, the more objects you hit the higher your score will be. You also have the ability to choose the style of your astronaut.

Street Basketball

Street BasketBall Jam game is the best basketball game in store which help you improve your throwing skills.

Tunnel Rush Jet

Maneuver your drone jet through a tunnel while avoiding obstacles. The further you get the higher your score will be. Compete to be the best.

Collect coins along the way and you can unlock additional drone jets to use.

Cowboy Hunt

Cowboy Hunt is a casual shooting 2D game made for fun and killing the time with cowboys.

Ice Hit

Hit the table to move ice out of the glass and into the next glass.

There are two modes you can play. One is mission mode where you have to complete different levels involving different missions. Second is an endless mode where the objective is to get as far as possible and the further you get the higher your score.

You have the ability to upgrade your ice cube as well that you would like to use.


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Save the Astronaut

Cowboy Hunt

Cutie Jumper

Street BasketBall Jam

Tunnel Rush Jet

Ice Hit

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